Pump Service, Inc.: A Family Business You Can Trust

Pump Service, Inc._ A Family Business You Can Trust

Pump Service, Inc.: A Family Business You Can Trust

Originally formed in the mid-1950s, Pump Service, Inc. was created from the heart and soul of Morris Mitchell. As such, the company was originally named Mitchell Machine Shop after its owner. Around 20 years later, however, Morris decided to sell his business to his nephew, Henry Baker.

When Henry took over the shop in 1978, he decided it was time for a new name as well as a new direction. It was at this time that Henry renamed the business to Pump Service, Inc. Henry also decided to expand the business a bit further from its humble roots, as his services expanded while also expanding the size of the area in Utah that he covered.

27 years after purchasing the business from his Uncle Mitchell, Henry decided to pass his business on to his sons, Steve and Legrand Baker. Steve and Legrand have continued to own and operate the business ever since, making it a fully family-owned business that dates back over 70 years.

Today, Pump Service, Inc. continues to expand and grow in many ways. We are proud to be the top pump service experts in Southern Idaho, serving all of the following counties:

  • Cassia
  • Jerome
  • Lincoln
  • Minidoka
  • Twin Falls

We are also proud to offer a wide array of residential and commercial services. These include installing and servicing all of the following:

  • Constant Pressure pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Lawn Sprinkler Pumps
  • Pressure Tanks and Accessories
  • Submersible Pumps

We also provide water softener and sales services, including traditional water softeners as well as reverse osmosis, filtration and no-salt conditioner systems.

At Pump Service, Inc., we are proud to carry on the family tradition of expert service and reasonable prices that dates back to when Uncle Mitchell first founded the business. To learn more about how we can help you with all of your water pump and water conditioning needs, contact us today!

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