Addressing Harmful Bacteria Issues in Your Drinking Water

Addressing Harmful Bacteria Issues in Your Drinking Water

Addressing Harmful Bacteria Issues in Your Drinking Water

Did you know that bacteria can get in your water supply, thereby potentially leading to a number of health issues for you and your family or anyone else who uses your water? While there are some types of bacteria that are actually good for you, others can create a number of health issues and can be of great concern. 

Bacteria-Related Health Issues

Also known as pathogens, bacteria that cause disease can create a variety of different health problems if they are consumed. Fecal coliform bacteria is the most problematic variety of bacteria found in drinking water. Found in the intestines and feces of humans and various other animals, coliform bacteria can cause diarrhea, headaches, cramps, nausea and other symptoms if consumed. Those with compromised immune systems may experience additional issues if they consume this bacteria in their drinking water. 

Bacteria Contamination of Water Supplies

Bacteria can contaminate your drinking water in a number of ways. For example, an improperly designed or failing waste water system can lead to contamination. Leaking sanitary pipes or other issues with a septic system may lead to contamination, as can floodwater. The best way to prevent contamination from occurring is to ensure the well is properly designed and constructed.

Treating Bacterial Contamination

If your well water has been contaminated by bacteria, you will need to have it treated in order to remove the bacteria and make it safe to drink once again. You will also need to take steps to remove the source of the contamination. Ideally, you should have your water tested at least once per year to ensure it is safe to drink. Contact Pump Service Idaho to learn more about how you can test your water and get it treated if necessary. Through proper testing and treatment, we will help you to be sure your water is safe for you and those you love.

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