Which is Better: Bottled Water or Well Water?

Which is Better: Bottled Water or Well Water?

As bottled water continues to grow in popularity, you may be wondering if there are actually an advantages to drinking bottled water. Similarly, if you have well water, you may wonder if drinking bottled water is a safer or healthier alternative to drinking well water. After all, the bottled water companies have spent a lot of money in advertising to convince you that bottled water is the better choice. You may be surprised to learn, however, that bottled water is not necessarily the better option for you or your family. 

Gaining a Better Understanding of Bottled Water

You may be surprised to learn that there is often very little that is special about bottled water. In fact, according to government estimates, anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of bottled water that is currently available for purchase is simply tap water that has been filtered and then bottled. This means it is nothing better than what you could easily and simply achieve at home from your own tap.

Choosing the Purest Option

Thanks to savvy advertising, you may think that bottled water is the purer option when choosing between bottled water and well water or other forms of tap water. In truth, several studies have shown that bottled water still contains bacteria and other contaminants. In some cases, the bottled water actually contained impurity levels that were higher than industry standards or state mandates. Therefore, drinking bottled water does not guarantee you are drinking the purest water available. In fact, it may be just the opposite!

Considering the Environmental Impact

Of course, drinking bottled water also has a negative impact on the environment. Plastic bottles do not break down naturally, which means millions of pounds of discarded water bottles end up in landfills and in bodies of water. It also takes a significant amount of energy to ship the water and keep it cool. Furthermore, the water used in bottled water is frequently removed in large volumes from one place in order to put the water in bottles, which can have a negative impact on the water source as well as the ecosystem in which it is contained.

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