Choosing A Water Filtration System For Your Home

Choosing Water Filtration System For Your Home

Choosing A Water Filtration System For Your Home

Are you working on setting up a home water filtration system for your house? If so, there are several components that you will want to be sure are included in your system.

Sediment Filter

The first component that you will need to have for your system is a sediment filter. A sediment filter is built to trap and separate large particles, such as dust and sand, from your water. In this way, it effectively functions as a sieve for your water supply.

When purchasing a sediment filter, you will have to choose between a cartridge or a bag. Cartridge filters are generally best if you have contaminants that are less than 100 ppm or less than 0.01% in weight. Bag filters, on the other hand, are the better option if you are trying to remove dust or other contaminants that are between 1-200 microns. 

Activated Carbon Filter

You can further filter your water with the help of an activated carbon filter. An activated carbon filter can help to remove unpleasant tastes and smells rom your water. 

Activated carbon comes in either block or granular form. Either way, thanks to the properties of activated carbon, just for grams of the substance offers a surface area that is equivalent to a football field. Thanks to this large surface area, the carbon is able to absorb and remove a large amount of contaminants in order to create a purer water supply. 

Resin Filter

You may also want to consider installing a resin filter. Also referred to as polymer, a resin filter works by helping to create an ion exchange. This then helps with the purification and decontamination process. This type of filter is especially good at removing calcium and magnesium ions, both of which are responsible for creating hard water. 

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