Determining if Your Home Has Hard Water

Determining if Your Home Has Hard Water

Determining if Your Home Has Hard Water

Defined simply as water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, hard water can cause a number of issues in your home. Not only is it rough on your pipes and appliances, but it can also make your soaps less efficient while increasing your costs to complete routine household chores. If you are wondering if you home has hard water, here are a few signs that it likely does.

Home Has Hard Water Stains

The formation of stains on your appliances, such as in your toilet or on your sink, are signs of a hard water issue. Hard water stains are usually brown or reddish in color and may also be related to iron in your water, which typically results from rusty pipes.

Soap Scum Deposits

In addition to the brown or reddish stains that develop in your appliances, you may also notice the buildup of soap scum. Soap scum typically appears as white water spots on your dishes, appliances and shower doors. These spots form when the water evaporates and leaves behind the calcium deposits. If this soap scum is left without being cleaned from your shower curtain, it can lead to the development of a slimy microbial biofilm.

Home Has Hard Water Taste

If you have hard water, you may also notice a difference in the taste in your water. Typically, hard water creates a metallic taste, which is a sign that there is too much iron in your water. Some people also feel as though hard water tastes like dirt, which may also be a sign of algal blooms or sediment in your water.

Home Has Hard Water Smell

Hard water may also result in issues with the way your water smells. Typically, it presents itself with a rotten egg smell, which may also be related to certain bacteria in your water or issues with hydrogen sulfide gas.

Reduced Soap Efficiency

Using hard water when washing dishes, doing laundry or bathing yourself may also result in reduced soap efficiency. If you find that your soap does not lather well or it takes more soap than expected to get your items clean, it may be due to hard water.

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