Franklin Submersible Pumps: A Product You Can Trust

Franklin Submersible Pumps: A Product You Can Trust

Franklin Submersible Pumps: A Product You Can Trust

If you are interested in installing a heavy-duty submersible pump on your property, you can’t go wrong with the pumps available from Franklin Electric. The preferred brand of pumps used by Pump Service Idaho, Franklin pumps are not a cheap option, but they are well worth the price. 

Submersible Pumps Available from Franklin Electric

Franklin Submersible Pumps offers a number of different pumps from which you can choose. These include:

  • 4 and 6-inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps
  • 6-inch SSR Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • 6 and 8-inch Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • 5, 6, 8 and 9-inch STS Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • 6, 8 and 10-inch SSI Submersible Turbine Pumps
  • 6 to 12-inch FST Series Submersible Turbine Pumps

Each of these pumps is designed to meet the rigorous needs of the agricultural, industrial and municipal industries, which means you can trust them to use for your home or virtually any other setting where a submersible pump is desired. 

Choosing the Right Pump to Meet Your Needs

Of course, even when using a Franklin pump to meet your needs, you will have to consider a variety of factors when determining which specific pump is right for you. Things to consider when selecting the right pump include:

  • Depth of the well
  • Horsepower needs
  • Number of gallons per minute of water that you need

In short, the unique needs and characteristics of your property need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure the pump that you have selected will work well within your land and water table while also providing you with the necessary power and output.

By working closely with the experts at Pump Service Idaho, you will be better able to select the Franklin Submersible Pumps that will best suit you and your property. Contact us today so we can work together to explore your options and choose the right pump to meet your needs!

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