Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams with an Irrigation Well and Pump

Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams with an Irrigation Well and Pump

Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams with an Irrigation Well and Pump

If you are looking for a way to ensure your Magic Valley lawn looks great throughout the year, you might want to consider installing an irrigation well and pump on your property. With the help of this new irrigation system, you can finally achieve the lawn of your dreams without the added stress of watering the lawn by hand every day.

What are the Benefits of an Irrigation System?

Installing an irrigation system on your property offers a number of short-term and long-term benefits for you to enjoy. For example, when you install an irrigation system to keep your lawn watered, you actually use less water than you would otherwise use by watering your lawn by hand. This is because an irrigation system supplies the water directly to where it is needed rather than allowing it to evaporate into the air. At the same time, this system makes it more difficult for seeds to germinate, which helps to keep weeds at a minimum in your lawn.

Of course, using less water also helps to reduce your water bill – especially compared to using water from the municipal water system. By installing a well system on your property, you will no longer have to pay for water from the city. In addition, this system of watering helps to reduce the risk of overwatering, which is unhealthy for lawns and other desirable plants because overwatering can leach important nutrients from the soil and away from the plants. 

Installing an irrigation system also helps to prevent leaf disease and blight, which is typically caused by droplets of water that are left on the foliage when watering by hand with a hose or sprinkler. Watering in this way can also create soil compaction, which you can avoid by using an irrigation system because it prevents watering on the surface and instead waters directly at the root. 

Why Pump Service Idaho?

At Pump Service Idaho, you can count on receive outstanding quality and service with all of your water pump needs. With years of experience and knowledge, we get the job done right the first time without going outside of your budget. Contact us today to learn more. 

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