Is a Sand Point Well Right for You?

Is a Sand Point Well Right for You?

Is a Sand Point Well Right for You?

If you are considering installing a new water well on your property, you may be wondering whether or not a sand point well is the right choice for you and to meet your needs. Before you can make that decision, however, it is helpful to know more about sand point wells, what they are when they are the best choice to meet your needs.

What is a Sand Point Well?

Simply put, a sand point well is a water well that is installed on properties with sandy soil. In order for a sand point well to be a good option, the soil needs to be free of large rocks and beds of clay. For this type of a well to work properly, it also must usually be used in an area where the water table is no more than 40 feet from the surface.

What are the Benefits of Sand Point Wells?

Since sand point wells are installed in sandy soil, they are usually easier to install and can be installed more quickly than other types of wells. It also typically takes less equipment to install this type of a well.

What are the Drawbacks of a Sand Point Well?

Due to the shallow nature of a sand point well, it is more easily contaminated by surface contaminants. Therefore, it is best to use this type of a well to access water needed for yard or garden use rather than for household purposes.

How is a Sand Point Well Installed?

To install a sand point well, you must first drill a shallow well and then drive a steel pipe into the ground. The pipes used for sand point wells are typically 1 1/14 inches to 2 inches in diameter with a perforated bottom that comes to a point. The pipe also needs to have threaded couplings at the ends, as this allows length to be added to the pipe as it is driven further into the ground.

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