Three Steps to Removing the Rotten Egg Smell from Your Water

Three Steps to Removing the Rotten Egg Smell from Your Water

Three Steps to Removing the Rotten Egg Smell from Your Water

Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your well water supply? If it smells like rotten eggs, for example, you are probably quite unhappy with having to deal with that smell every time you use your water! In addition, that smell is quite unappetizing when you are trying to prepare food and will undoubtedly leave you feeling nervous about having the smell seep into your clothes or even your skin when bathing. If you are dealing with a rotten egg smell in your water supply, here are the steps that you need to take to Removing the Rotten Egg Smell from Your Water.

Step #1: Identify Why the Water Smells

You may be surprised to learn that there are more than one potential causes for a rotten egg smell in your water supply. In most cases, this smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide, which is the byproduct of the digestive process that is performed by anaerobic microorganisms. These types of microorganisms thrive in the absence of oxygen. Therefore, they are frequently found in wells as well as in clay, sewers and swamps.

When present in large quantities, hydrogen sulfide is actually poisonous and can also ignite quite easily. In addition, it can cause your pipes to corrode. The good news is that it does not remain in water for very long after the water containing hydrogen sulfide has been exposed to air. Therefore, if you pour yourself a glass of water from your sink, the hydrogen sulfide will be gone within seconds and the rotten egg smell should also be gone shortly after.

Step #2: Identify the Location

You can help to determine where the problem is coming from by turning on your hot and cold water taps to determine where the smell is coming from. If you smell the rotten egg smell only when using hot water, it indicates that the problem is in your water heater and not in the well itself. If it occurs while running both hot and cold water, the problem exists in your well.

Step #3: Removing the Rotten Egg Smell from Your Water

Once you have determined that the problem exists in your well, you have several options that you can pursue to get rid of the smell. Some of these include:

  • Install a bladderless fiberglass tank as well as a venting system to help remove the hydrogen sulfide and the resulting smell.
  • Install an iron filter to remove excess iron if your water also has high levels of iron.
  • Install a carbon filter to help remove odors.

If you are experiencing this issue or any other issues with your well water system, contact Pump Service Idaho to learn more about how we can help!

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