Finding the Right Water Treatment System for Your Well Water

Finding the Right Water Treatment System for Your Well Water

Finding the Right Water Treatment System for Your Well Water

If you have well water and you wish to install a water filtration system, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. First, you need to be sure that the type of filtration system that you select is made to address the specific issues that you are trying to address with your water. Next, you need to choose a water filtration system that will function properly with the type of pump system that you have installed in your home. While many homeowners focus on the flow rate when selecting the proper filtration system, you also need to consider the water pressure of your system. 

Maintaining the Proper Pressure

Taking your water pressure into consideration when picking out a water treatment system is important in order to maintain consistent pressure. Nearly all water treatment systems will create a decrease in water pressure as the water passes through the system. This can be problematic when taking a shower, using the dishwasher, washing laundry or otherwise using the water in your home. 

While a water treatment system will not cause a complete shutdown of your water system, the reduction in pressure can be unpleasant and potentially problematic. It can also make your water usage less efficient. Knowing the water pressure from your well pump will help you to better select a treatment system that will have a minimal impact on your overall pressure. 

Choosing the Right Water Treatment System

To select the right water treatment system, it is best to have your system inspected by an expert who can determine what you need to filter out as well as which equipment is best suited to your system. Part of this process will involve finding the treatment system that matches the flow rate of your water system in order to reduce the amount of drag placed on your water pressure.

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