Understanding the Basics of a Well Inspection

Understanding the Basics of a Well Inspection

Understanding the Basics of a Well Inspection

Do you have well water at your home? If so, an important part of well maintenance and care involves having your well inspected to ensure it is functioning properly and that the water it is supplying continues to be safe to consume and to use in your household. When contacting a professional to inspect your well, it can be helpful to have an idea of what to inspect from the well inspection process.

Beginning the Inspection Process

While you may expect the professional to start the inspection process by inspecting the well itself, most well inspections actually begin inside of the house. As a part of this process, the inspector will check your water tank to ensure the fittings and valves are in proper working order. He or she will then inspect the tank itself to look for any signs of rust, decay or corrosion.

Considering Extra Components

If your well water system has a water softener installed as part of the system, the inspector will also inspect the water softener. This will include checking on the salt levels while also examining the water softener tank for signs of iron, sulfur or hardness. He or she will also inspect the outside of the tank, including the components, to ensure they are in proper working order.

Moving Outside

Once the indoor inspection is complete, the inspector will move outside to check the overall condition of the well. This will involve checking the pump to ensure it is producing the proper volume and pressure. In addition, the inspector will remove the well cap to check on the water level while the pump is running.

If any problems are discovered, the well inspector will note these items in a report for you to review. You can then use this report to discuss your options with your water well professional as you determine whether or not any repairs or upgrades are needed at this time

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