Well Water: The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Municipal Water

Well Water_ The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Municipal Water

Well Water: The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Municipal Water

Are you interested in finding an eco-friendly way to supply water to your home? If so, you might want to consider installing a well and using well water rather than tapping into the city’s water supply. Here are a few reasons why this is a better, more eco-friendly option.

Reducing Chemicals in the Water Supply

When you use well water for your home, you are obtaining the water in a more natural way that does not require the addition of a bunch of potentially harmful chemicals. Municipal water goes through a treatment plant where all of the water is treated with chemical before it is pumped out to homes. This is the reason for the taste of city water that many people do not like. 

With well water, the water is filtered naturally by the earth and, therefore, there is no need to use chemicals. Or, if there are problems with your water supply, those specific issues can be addressed through proper treatment rather than applying chemicals as a blanket response. Not only does this keep the chemicals out of your body, but it also prevents them from being put into the ground every time you shower, water your garden, do the dishes or otherwise use your water.

Cutting Back on Energy Use

Installing a well water system can also help to reduce the overall amount of energy that is necessary to get water into your home. With municipal water, the water has to be treated and pumped through and out of the waste water treatment plant. With well water, on the other hand, it is simply pumped directly from the ground outside of your home. So, while electricity is still necessary with a well water system, you don’t need to use the same amount that is needed to pump the water across the city. In addition, you could easily install a windmill or a solar panel to provide the electricity that is needed for your well water system.

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