Enjoying the Benefits of Well Water in Your Home

Enjoying the Benefits of Well Water in Your Home

Enjoying the Benefits of Well Water in Your Home

Did you know that having a well water system in your home can provide you with certain lifestyle and health benefits? While public water sources are monitored for contaminants and general safety, well water can offer certain benefits that city water cannot provide. 

Saving Money

One of the great benefits of having a well water system in your home is that you can save a great deal of money. While there is an upfront cost to installing a well water system and why you may encounter some maintenance costs along the way, you do not have to pay a monthly water bill to have water in your home. Rather, the only cost associated with getting water to your home is the minimal cost of electricity to run your pump!

Avoiding Chemicals

While city water includes a number of chemicals that are meant to keep you safe and healthy, they can also be problematic for certain individuals. Public water is typically treated with fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that can be potentially dangerous. In addition, these chemicals flavor the water in a way that many people find to be undesirable. Well water is naturally filtered, which means you drink clean, pure water without the addition of any chemicals. 

Maintaining Control

Another benefit to having well water is that you have absolute control over what goes into your water. If there are additional minerals that you wish to filter out, a water softener system can help you accomplish this goal. Yet, even with a water softener in place, you have the freedom to choose the softener as well as the type of salt that you use to get the desired results.

If you are ready to install a well water system in your home, contact Pump Service Idaho today. We will be happy to help you determine the right system to meet your needs.

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