What is a Sand Point Well?

What is a Sand Point Well?

Depending upon your water needs and the type of soil you have in your property, you may want to consider installing a Sand Point Well. But, what exactly is a sand point well and what are the reasons for installing one rather than installing other types of wells?

Sand Point Well Basics

A sand point well is a type of water well that is installed on properties that have sandy soil. In order to be successful with sand point well installation, the property should also be free of large rocks and beds of clay. Due to the type of soil in which it is installed, a sand point well can typically be installed more quickly than other types of wells. In addition, it generally takes less equipment to install this type of well.

Installing a Sand Point Well

Installing a sand point well is a relatively simple process when compared to other types of wells. First, a shallow well is drilled and then a steel pipe is driven into the ground. This pipe is perforated with a pint at the bottom, with the size typically being about 1 1/14 inch to 2 inches in diameter. The pipe will also have threaded couplings at the ends so length can be added to the pipe as it is driven further into the ground. Typically, this type of system works best in areas where the water table is within 40 feet of the surface.

Using a Sand Point Well

Sand point wells are usually used when a water source is needed for the yard or for the garden. While it is possible to install this type of well for household use, it is not the ideal option for this type of use. This is due to the shallow nature of the well, which makes puts it at a greater risk of becoming contaminated by surface contaminates. 

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